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Holding Hands

Sex Therapy

Reclaim What's Rightfully Yours

Sex therapists are licensed mental health professionals, trained to provide in-depth TALK psychotherapy, who have specialized in treating clients with sexual issues and concerns.

Some topics that may be addressed include lack of sexual desire or interest, struggles with becoming aroused, intimacy after having children, painful intercourse, sex addiction and/or compulsive behavior, difficulties achieving orgasm, LGBTQIA+ specific issues, sexual trauma specific issues & more...

Sexual health is evidenced in the free and responsible expressions of sexual capabilities that foster harmonious personal and social wellness, enriching individual and social life. It is not merely the absence of dysfunction, disease and/or infirmity. For sexual health to be attained and maintained it is necessary that the sexual rights of all people to be recognized and upheld. Bring balance to your sexual health and call for an appointment today!

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