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“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud



My name is Aurelia and I am a licensed professional counselor and art therapist. I provide individual therapy and specialize in addressing trauma and sexual health with adults.

[Sinistral, meaning left, Dextral meaning right] SiniDex Therapy focuses on the collaboration of mind and body; what we know and what we feel. We all have areas of strength and areas to grow. Helping those areas to communicate is important in bridging the gap between what you KNOW (mind, intellect, volition) and what you FEEL (body, emotion, instinct). Understanding the relationship between those two is key in changing the negative core beliefs that may be holding you back from feeling relief.

It is an honor holding space for people while they muster up the courage to break cycles. Taking steps to get vulnerable and heal yourself changes everything about a person. It is such a joy to see people overcome adversities and fears so they can take those sparks of light to help effect others in their life for the better, consciously or not. Start your healing journey today!

Mind . Body . Source

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2502 Powell Ave. Suite 6, Erie, PA 16506, USA

Phone: 814-580-6818

Fax: 866-297-6198

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